What is the Recovery Coach Team?

The Recovery Coach Team is a community service for people who are making the transition from secondary community mental health services back to their GP and may find this challenging.

We have three teams across the geographical area that CPFT covers, based in the Cambridge, Huntingdon and Peterborough/Fenland areas. The teams are based in a variety of locations including CPFT buildings and within the voluntary sector and other organisations. Where possible we will meet with those we serve in a place where they feel most comfortable. 

Each team is made up of a Recovery Coach and Peer Support Workers. The Recovery Coach has been trained in coaching methods that can help people to take control of their recovery and Peer Support Workers are people who have lived experience of mental health challenges who can support people while they work towards their goals. 

Who is this service for?  

Discharge from secondary mental health services can be considered to be a significant achievement and outcome for an individual. However, some people may find the transition from high levels of support to reduced levels difficult.  

Individuals might be interested in getting support from voluntary organisations or community groups but might be unsure about how they go about that. Although many individuals manage the transition from secondary services to their GP without the need for additional support, for others some kind of additional support is thought to be helpful.  

The service aims to offer coaching and peer support worker sessions to help someone identify what they need to do and what support they need to access to make this transition as successful as possible. 

How can this service help?  

Traditionally, the concept of recovery in mental health has been judged primarily on the absence of psychiatric symptoms and a reduction in the number or frequency of hospital admissions. However, discharge from secondary mental health services may be a staging post in a longer course of recovery for the individual. 

Recovery is about living a satisfying and fulfilling life. It is also a unique experience which means that different people will need different types of support. The team will encourage people to take control of their own recovery by helping them to make their own choices. There can be ups and downs during the recovery process.

How can coaching help me?  

• The coaching process is based on trust and openness; working together to see opportunities and potential. 
• Coaching can empower a person to move towards their desired goals. 
• Coaches can support a person to move at the pace that feels right for them. 
• Coaching can help people to develop skills that can be used to manage how to respond to stressors in life. 

 We can support a person with the transition of their care by using coaching techniques and peer support to help them to identify and achieve these goals. The individual, their care coordinator or someone who knows them well, may think that we could support them with this process, and the individual may be referred to the team.

How do I refer?  

We take referrals from a range of people, including the person themselves, someone who knows the person well or their care coordinator. We would need someone to complete a simple referral form which would provide contact details and the reason why the person is or may struggle with the discharge process.  

This would then be emailed to cpm-tr.cpftrecoverycoachteamreferrals@nhs.net 

Criteria for referrals  

To be referred to the Recovery Coach Team the person needs to meet the following criteria: 

• Be aged 17-65
• Be in secondary mental health services
• Be ready to work towards discharge
• Be struggling with the discharge process 

What to expect: 

We aim to start working with someone at a time when they are working towards discharge from secondary mental health services.

We try to ensure that coaching is the right approach for the person and we will have a conversation with them about coaching, what they can expect from us and what we would expect from them. Together, we would decide if this service is right for the person.

The person would then be offered 1:1 coaching and peer support sessions. The amount of time and the number of sessions they need will depend upon the goals they identify but it is important to explain that this is short term, focused work and we would expect to work with most people for about 6 - 8 weeks. The person would also still be working with their care co-ordinator and any other services involved in their care. However the person could be discharged from CPFT whilst working with the Recovery Coach Team and we would continue supporting them through this period.

We will work with the person while they access organisations that can support them in the community and we can help them identify activities which can increase their confidence and self-esteem such as volunteering, paid work, educational and creative activities. 

Contact the service: 

 Our administrative base is located at:

Recovery College East
Gloucester Centre
Morpeth Road
T 01733 748386

Referral e-mail: cpm-tr.cpftrecoverycoachteamreferrals@nhs.net
Or you can e-mail general enquiries to: emma.judd@cpft.nhs.uk

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