The National Data Opt-Out

Whenever you use a Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust community or inpatient health service, important information about you is collected in a patient record for that service. Collecting this information helps us to provide the best possible care and treatment.

The information collected about you when you use these services can also be provided to other organisation for purposes beyond your individual care, for instance to help with:

  • Improving the quality and standards of care provided
  • Research into the development of new treatments
  • Preventing illness and disease
  • Monitoring safety
  • Planning services

This will take place only when there is a clear legal basis for using your information. This helps us to provide better health care for you, your family and future generations.

You have a choice about whether you want your confidential patient information used in this way.

If you’re happy with this use of information, you do not need to do anything. If you choose to opt-out, your confidential patient information will only be used to support your individual care.

How to opt-out

A number of channels are available to set your opt-out preference. These are:

  • A digital (online) channel accessed via. www.nhs.uk/your-nhs-data-matters
  • For those who need support to set their national data opt-out preferences online a digitally-assisted channel is provided that enables members of the public to set a national data opt-out with assistance from NHS Digital staff via the national helpline.
  • A non-digital (paper based) channel accessed by the national helpline or through forms which can be printed from the webpages, and
  • Via the NHS App as this becomes available

To find out more information about the National Data Opt-Out please visit www.nhs.uk/your-nhs-data-matters.

General resources

Click here to download the following materials:

  • Download an A4 poster - Your Data Matters to the NHS.
  • Download a patient handout - Your Data Matters to the NHS.
  • Download the Envisage waiting room screen presentation - Your Data Matters to the NHS.
  • Download the Jayex waiting room screen presentation - Your Data Matters to the NHS.

Accessible resources

Click here to download the following materials:

  • Watch a British Sign Language video of the patient handout.
  • Listen to an audio version of the patient handout.
  • Order a braille version of the patient handout.
  • Download the Easy Read booklet of the handout, designed for people with learning disabilities.
  • Download a large print version of the patient handout.

Tailored resources for specific audiences

Click here to download the following materials:

  • Guidance for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) patients
  • Guidance for carers
  • Guidance for young people
  • More information for patients with a previous type 2 opt-out

Other languages

The 'Your Data Matters to the NHS' patient handout is also available in the following languages. Click here to download them.

  • Albanian
  • Amharic
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Farsi
  • Pashto
  • Kurdish Sorani
  • Tamil
  • Tigrinya
  • Urdu
  • Welsh

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