• “I would just like to thank all of the staff at Springbank. I am just seeing my daughter again how she used to be for the first time since she was 15, and although I know that is mainly down to her hard work, it is also because of the massive amount of support she has had at Springbank.”Well done team!
  • "I can't believe how far I've come in a year, I never thought I would start to enjoy life again.
    I am so grateful to you all for getting me through such dark times you saved my life."
  • "I like the way you can personalise your room."
  • "I like the way staff are very flexible and go out of their way to meet patient needs."
  • "The staff are approachable and if you don't approach them, they'll approach you."
  • "They (staff) don't give up on you no matter how hard you try to push them away."
  • "Amazing, they're (staff) really, really cool. I've lied my way through since I was 14. This is the only hospital where I've told the truth. We all support each other like one big family."
  • "If there's a problem that affects one person, or everyone, or even if it doesn't affect anyone, we talk about it. We support each other."
  • "I have been busy writing goodbye letters to everybody. I have really enjoyed thinking about good times and what has and hasn't helped. I don't think it was the therapy as much as it was that staff would never shout or get angry with me. No matter what I did it felt like the only person I was actually hurting was myself. Before my problems had got worse in hospital because the staff would seem so annoyed when I self harmed. If I self harmed on Spring bank no one ever treated me any different, I got it dealt with and then I could just carry on, there were no horrible consequences so I would have less urges to harm myself after I had done it that once. I remember being given quite a few chances and I believe if Jorge hadn't given me that last chance then nothing would have changed, and I would probably be in hospital somewhere else"

Please click on the video below to watch Mike talk about his experiences as a carer.

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