Bed availability

  • Springbank currently has  3 beds available for patients under Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Springbank currently has 1 beds available for out-of-area patients.

Admission criteria

  • Springbank will accept referrals for women between the ages of 18 and 65 years who:
    • Have a primary diagnosis of emotionally unstable personality disorder (ICD-10 F60.3).
    • Are under the care of a psychiatric community team with an identified care coordinator and a responsible clinician. The responsible clinician may not be the care co-ordinator. The patient will remain under the community team whilst being an inpatient at Springbank.
    • Have tried but failed to benefit from general acute and community psychiatric services.
    • Are willing to be assessed for admission by the staff at Springbank ward.
    • Have a permanent place of residence.
    • Are able to identify goals they would like to work on whilst being an in-patient.
  • Referrals are accepted for women, informal or detained under the Mental Health Act, from acute mental health staff, acute medical services, forensic or prison services, community and other NHS and private mental health providers.

Exclusion criteria

  • The unit is unable to take service users who:
    • Pose a significant risk of harm to others
    • Require management in a low or medium secure unit
    • Are unwilling to engage with the therapeutic programme

How to refer a patient

  • Please complete the referral form attached at the bottom of the page under further information tab and send it to alongside any other relevant documentation e.g. CPA documentation, care plans, risk assessments, discharge summaries, etc.
  • Please complete the funding agreement form  attached at the bottom of the page under further information tab and forward to
  • Once the forms above have been completed, please call us on 01223 219484 to arrange an assessment date. The patient will normally be assessed by a consultant on the ward and a member of the nursing team.

Next steps post referral

  • If we feel that the patient would benefit from an admission, she will be invited to visit the ward. This is important to allow the patient to make an informed decision as to whether coming to Springbank is something they would be interested in. It is also part of the planning process to ensure a smooth transition into the ward.
  • An admission date will be set following the patient’s visit.
  • The patient’s care coordinator will need to forward up-to-date CPA and risk assessment documentation prior to transfer to the ward. Until these documents are received, Springbank will not be able to accept the transfer of the patient.
  • Throughout the patient’s admission, we expect regular visits from the referring team. It is a requirement that the patient retains an active, named care coordinator in the community with whom the ward and patient can liaise and communicate with regarding progress. This includes management of periods of leave within the community with support from community staff, arrangements for travel to and from the home area, and general support by the community team during periods of leave.
  • Springbank Ward will work closely with the referring team throughout the care planning process and will start to discuss discharge planning as soon as the person is admitted to the ward.

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