How can I get involved in research?

Click on the poster below for more information on how to be part of research at CPFT and find out more about studies at the Trust.

What projects might be suitable for my patients to participate in?

There are a wide range of studies currently going on in the Trust. Contact the R&D office for more information. Click on the poster for more information

Are there facilities that could help me to do clinical research?

The R&D office is available to discuss with you what you need to start doing research. The academic lead in your division can also offer advice on what resources are available to undertake research in the Trust.

I would like to conduct an audit or service evaluation. What do I do?

Your first step should be discuss the project with the R&D office to determine that what you are planning can be considered as an audit. In general, studies that do not change the way in which a service is delivered or are designed to find out how well a specific service is running could be considered as audit or service evaluation, rather than research.

Guidance on the differences between research and audit can be found by visiting the HRA website here

I’d like to start a research study. Where do I begin?

The R&D office can help you at all stages of your research study.

I've received an email from the CPFT research database. What is this? What do I do?

CPFT has launched a database that allows external researchers to anonymously search for service users who are eligible for research studies. When the researcher finds an eligible patient, they will email you, as the patient's treating clinician, to invite them to participate. For more information visit CRIS.


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