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Keeping well

We're usually ok talking about our aches and pains, but we're not so keen to talk about our mental health. The truth is that our emotional wellbeing is just as important as our physical health.

As a young person you have to cope with many changes, both physical and emotional. We all get plenty of advice on how to look after our body, but what helps keep us in good mental shape? There are many positive things that young people can do to help look after their mental health. Different things will work for different people so you need to find out what works for you. These are a few options:

  • Get out and about and see your friends: Give and receive support. Joining a local group or after-school activity can extend your circle of friends. You can find out what groups there are in your area from the library.
  • Get active: Exercise is a good way of dealing with stress as well as being good for your body. It can also be a good way of meeting new people.
  • Be good to yourself: Check out your eating habits. Are you giving your body the right fuel and rest? Diet and sleep are important tools for keeping up energy levels and helping you feel positive about things.
  • Let out your emotions: Let people know how you feel. You don't have to go through it alone. Talk to supportive friends or family members.
  • Take time for yourself: Take time to listen to music, read a book, see a film or have a relaxing bath. Learning to relax will help you deal with day-to-day stresses.
  • Be creative: Activities such as drawing, painting, writing, photography, acting, playing an instrument, dancing and singing are all good ways of expressing your feelings and helping to turn your energy into something positive.

Boost your self esteem

Feel better in your body

Chill out! Learn to take a useful break!

  • Relax
  • Recharge your batteries

Got a gap in your social life?

  • Youth clubs and fun stuff

Find your potential

  • Education, training and jobs
  • Want to learn new stuff or develop existing skills?
  • Want to start a business?

Put something back into the community

  • Volunteer and do useful stuff!
  • Feel better helping others to feel better
  • Pass on your experiences

Look after your mental 'elf

Watch this short film from about looking after your mental 'elf. How does your mental 'elf look after you?


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